In Bayam, HSE management is the strongest core values to preserve the nature of safety culture within organization. Strong safety culture will develop strong safety leadership which will drive to our mission to achieve Zero Injury Zero Accidents (ZIZA). We also believe that Safety is Gainful, Accident is Painful. Our experience within many years of serving offshore and onshore Catering & Hospitality business, we have Serve Safe to all of our clients with numerous of goods commendations.

Safety is not our priority but Safety is Our Value

Nurturing Safety culture within the business and operation is the key to Bayam’s success which reflect to our achievement with various clients. From our start point until now, we have achieved millions of hours with Zero Accident Zero Injury. We are so committed to safety, by doing initiatives to develop our own food processing center, where all the meats shall be pre-cut and packed as to be delivered to offshore, just to reduce the risk of cutting injuries to our personnel on board. We do preserve our operations integrity in Bayam operations by emphasizing safety elements to all level. In Bayam, we believe that Leadership safe behavior shapes the safe culture within organisation, which then influence how we choose to act, and those safe actions influence leader’s step for continuous improvement.