Our Standard


In line with the existing law under Dangerous Drug Act 1952, the Company will view any employee involved in drugs very seriously. Any personnel involved in other substances not defined in the DDA but which affects the person’s performance and safety at work place will also be dealt with seriously. As BC is a service industry its employees shall be informed to observe any client’s policy in places where it conduct its business.

The Company will, and continue to educate its employees through health talk or providing necessary information on the dangers of involving in dangerous drugs, substance abuse and alcohol. Employees must be aware of any usage will increase the risk of the employee, and can lead to a serious threat to safety and that of others at work place.

All employees will be informed of the seriousness of this offence and may be liable to due process of the law and/or termination of employment by the company. This policy shall also be observed strictly when travelling to and from work and/or when using any company transport.

Azman Haji Ismail

Managing Director

January 2017