Our Standard


Bayam Enterprise Sdn Bhd is committed to preventing work related injury or illness by providing a safe and healthy working environment. In the event of work related injury or illness, we will actively encourage the rehabilitation of the employee to pre injury employment.


Our Commitment


The injury management process is a shared responsibility between the injured employee, the organization and service providers in facilitating early management of the employee’s return to full and productive employment.


Bayam Enterprise Sdn Bhd is committed to:


  • Ensuring that rehabilitation activities start as soon as possible after injury or illness, and every effort is made to provide suitable duties consistent with the nature of the injury or illness, after seeking appropriate medical treatment and advice.
  • Providing support throughout the rehabilitation process in minimising the effects of the injury and ensuring that an early return to work is the normal practice and expectation.
  • Consulting with employees and where applicable employee representatives to ensure that the rehabilitation program/return to work plan is working effectively.
  • Ensuring injured or ill employees are treated in a fair manner where their rights, welfare and confidentially are respected and that participation in a rehabilitation program will not, of itself, prejudice and injured/ill employee.




Management is accountable for implementing this policy and performance will be measured as part of annual performance reviews.


Management is responsible for:

  • Providing sufficient resources to maintain a successful injury management program.
  • Complying with Bayam Enterprise Sdn Bhd’s Injury Management Procedures.
  • The provision of meaningful alternative duties for injured employees.


Employees are to:

  • Report their injury immediately to their supervisor or manager.
  • Actively participate in the injury management process
  • Cooperate in the rehabilitation of fellow employees




Management will consult its employees on any changes made in the Injury Management Policy which may affect their rehabilitation program/return to work plan. 

Azman Haji Ismail

Managing Director

January 2017