Our Standard

Bayam Enterprise Sdn Bhd jointly issues this smoking policy in line with its clients, that Smoking is a recognized hazard at the workplaces, as it has caused numerous fire accidents or smoking related incidents with some resulting in huge losses, environment damage, injuries and fatalities.

It is therefore the policy of Bayam Enterprise Sdn Bhd to discourage all employees from smoking at its’ workplaces. For those who are smokers in the company, Bayam Enterprise Sdn Bhd will encourage them quit smoking totally.

Bayam Enterprise Sdn Bhd will educate and provide information to its work force and others at the workplaces on the hazards of smoking as well as the threat of cancer and the benefits of healthy living.

All employees are to be aware of this policy and to observe the smoking regulations and guidelines issued by the local government or clients of Bayam Enterprise Sdn Bhd.

All employees are to be aware that at the worksites, specific designated areas have been made available for smokers to smoke.

Employees are reminded to strictly observe this policy, as any violation may be liable to disciplinary action and which may lead to dismissal.

Azman Haji Ismail

Managing Director

January 2017